How to Repair Your damaged Outlook Personal Folder File (.pst) Properly

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To know about how to repair your Outlook Personal Folders file (.pst) or if your Outlook Personal Storage Table file has corrupted and would like to get a complete solution for resolving how to repair a damaged Outlook Folders file (pst), then go with this write up that can simply solve all your issues about this topic. First of all, follow the given steps to repair corrupted PST file of Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019 by using Inbox Repair Tool (manually).

Step 1 – Close Outlook and Start your Inbox Repair Tool

Firstly exit from Outlook app and open Inbox Repair Tool (SCANPST.EXE) and for that find the folder with MS Windows Explorer & double click on the Scanpst.exe file.

Note – The folders or file may be hidden and the location of the Inbox Repair tool may vary, depending on the Outlook edition you are using.

Step 2 – Repair PST file

As Inbox Repair Tool open on your Computer screen, type the path & file name of your corrupted PST file or you can browse to locate the file with Windows File System and then click on Start button.

Note – To completely repair Outlook .pst file using Inbox Repair Tool, users may need to run the tool several times. In Some cases, the Inbox Repair Tool doesn’t fixevery detected problem. In certain cases, it fails to recover the components that are permanently deleted or damaged beyond repair.

Step 3 – Recover repaired data Items to new PST file

After that, you can open Outlook & recover repaired data items. To start, generate a new (.pst) file in your Outlook profile then move the recovered data items to new PST (personal folders) file.

  • Open Outlook. If user have multiple accounts in Outlook then make sure that you selected the actual profile which have the PST file that you tried to repair.
  • Click on CTRL + 6 for turning on Folder list view.
  • In the folder list, you should see the provided recovered folders:

Recovered Personal Folders – Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Deleted Items, Journal, Notes, Outbox, Sent Items, Tasks, etc.

Note – These repaired mailboxes are generally empty because it is a rebuilt .pst file. Users should also observe a mailbox named Lost & Found. This mailbox keeps folders & data items which the Inbox Repair Tool repaired. Sometimes, data items missing from found & lost folder may be beyond repair.

    • Generate a new PST (Personal Folder) file in your profile. For doing that, steps may be different because it depends upon the edition of Outlook which you are using.

Outlook 2010, 13, 16 & 19 editions

  1. Go to File and Info tab of the menu of Outlook
  2. Now go to Account Settings option & hit on Account Settings.
  3. Then hit on Data Files tab
  4. Hit Add function to open generates/ open Outlook data file dialog box.
  5. Provide the file name to new PST File and click on Ok button.
  6. Users should have new PST file in your Outlook profile.

Microsoft Outlook 2007

  1. Go to File menu and Data File Management.
  2. Then click on Add option to open new Outlook data file window.
  3. Click on select Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst) under the types of storage window then click on Ok button.
  4. Now choose the location and file name of your PST file in create / open Outlook data file window then click on Ok button.
  5. Now hit on Ok button.
  6. User should have a new PST file in your Outlook profile.

In Outlook 2003

  • Go to File Menu and new then click on Outlook data file.
  • Hit on Ok button to generate / open Outlook data file window.
  • Provide file name of your PST file, then click on ok button.
  • You should have a new Outlook personal Folders PST file in your profile.

More Information

What is the Inbox Repair Tool?

ScanPST.exe Tool is the Inbox Repair Tool of Microsoft that is provided to assist users for repairing issues and process to repair corrupted PST file which are associated with Outlook data file (PST). It is automatically installed with entire English language MS Outlook installation functions but it depends upon your operating system.

Cannot Get or Find Inbox Repair Tool

If you cannot find & start Inbox Repair Tool manually then you can try the MS Office programs –

Recover repaired data items from Outlook backup file (optionally, backup process of Outlook data file)

If you start Inbox Repair tool, option to generate a backup of original Outlook data file PST that is automatically selected. This function generates a file on the hard disk which is named (XXXX.bak). this file is a copy of your original XXXX.pst file in different extension. If the file is still missing some items after following the provided steps in previous section, then try to recover additional information from the backup file with the mentioned below steps –

Locate the backup file (.bak). it is saved in the original Outlook data file folder.

  1. Firstly, locate the backup file and make a copy of .bak file then provide a new name with .pst file format. such as name the file – new-name.pst.
  2. Then import the newly named PST file (new-name.pst) by import/Export function of Outlook. For doing that, follow the given steps –
  • Go to File menu >> Import and Export (in Outlook 2010 & later, go to file menu on the Ribbon then click on Open and go to Import function.)
  • Hit on import from another program or file function then click on Next button.
  • Then go to Personal Folder File (.pst) and click on Next button.
  • Now go to File menu >> Import and browse the new-name.pst file.
  • In options section, choose Do not import duplicates function and click on Next button.
  • In select the folder to import from, section; hits to choose the PST File and hits to choose include sub-folders.
  • Now click to choose Import folders into the same folder in, and choose your new PST file.
  • Click on Finish button.

Note –If the backup file is the original damaged file then users cannot recover anything other than what was recovered in Lost & found folder. If users cannot import the new-name.pst file in Outlook then unfortunately users have lost entire information which is not in the Lost & found folder.

How to Repair a damaged Outlook Personal Folders file (PST) – Alternatively

If Outlook data file PST has corrupted and the Inbox Repair Tool or backup process of Microsoft could not succeed in solving how to repair your Outlook personal folders file (.pst) query because it has limitations to do this task and doesn’t recover permanently deleted Outlook PST files or recovery from major corruptions of Outlook files. At this situation, the PST Recovery software helps users to repair corrupted Outlook PST files or recover permanently deleted Outlook PST files within few minutes. The tool not only scan & repair deleted/corrupted PST file but also save them in new PST, EML, MSG, HTML & Office 365. The tool is completely developed with advanced functionalities and so provides accurate & complete Outlook data recovery result.