How to Split Large PST File Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007?

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Thinking a solution of how do I split a large PST file into multiple parts! Not to worry, the write-up has provided multiple tricks that can help in how to split large PST file into smaller parts. For instant and complex-free splitting, PST Split app available that can easily split PST file of any size into multiple PST without loss of data.

MS Outlook is a popular and globally used email client that also known as Personal Information Manager. The application helps to manage the data of user profile and uses PST (Personal Storage Table) to keep the data of the same such as emails, contacts, calendar, journals etc. Every mailbox of Outlook has certain default size limitations.

Now, the common question arise in everybody’s mind is how to split large Outlook PST file? Well, in order to carry out the solution of this query, we come up with the segment. Here, we are going to discuss effective and cost-effective techniques to split a large PST file Outlook.

However, before discussing the solution to split large PST file Outlook, let us first know the main reasons behind splitting large Outlook PST file:

  • Avoiding loss of data due to large-size PST file.
  • Improve working/performance of MS Outlook.
  • To organize the data intelligibly.

Best Four Techniques for How to Split Large PST File Outlook

No inbuilt solution exists by MS Outlook to split a large PST file. However, there are few indirect methods available to break up an oversized PST file. All users who will implement the solution need to follow the guidelines properly to avoid data loss or corruption issues.

Technique 1. Split Large PST File using Import/Export Option

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on the local system.
  2. Move to File tab, click Account Settings and select Account Setting.
  3. New window will display, go to Data Files and hit Add button.
  4. Window of “Create or Open Outlook Data File” appears. Select PST file name and location.
  5. Press OK and close Account Setting window.
  6. Go to File, click Open and select Import option.
  7. Import Export Window will appear, click Export and hit Next.
  8. Choose PST file, press Next to proceed with the process to split a large PST file.
  9. Window of Expand Folder Wizard display, click Folder or Sub Folder to export and press Next.
  10. Select desired option and click Finish.
  11. Now, Create password for PST window will be shown. In order to create PST file password protected, provide password or hit on Cancel.
  12. New PST file will generated that can be opened through Outlook.

Technique 2. Split Large PST File using Move to Folder Option

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook to start splitting PST file process.
  2. From main screen, click File, go to New and select Outlook Data File option.
  3. A new window appears, select large PST file to split and hit OK.
  4. Again, pop-up window display “Create Microsoft Personal Folder”, provide proper name for new resultant PST file.
  5. Select one or multiple folders that you want to move in new PST file.
  6. Navigate to Edit and select Move to Folder option.
  7. Move Items Wizard window displays, click on New.
  8. Provide name for new folder in Create New Folder.
  9. Click new PST from Select where to place the folder option and press OK.
  10. Lastly, click OK to finish the procedure.

Technique 3. Split Large PST File using PST Archiving Method

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on the system.
  2. Choose PST file from which you want to move data to new PST.
  3. Go to File and click Archive.
  4. Another Archive wizard appears, select required folders to move.
  5. Option of Archive items older than displays, select desired date from calendar.
  6. Browse and choose destination path to save file and provide name to the same.
  7. At last, hit OK to create new PST file.

All the three techniques can be executed but includes few drawbacks that can damage PST file data. Some of them listed below:

  • Possibility of permanent loss of data.
  • Lengthy and complex process.
  • Help from technical expertise needed.

Technique 4. Split Large PST File using PST Split Tool

PST Split Tool is a professional third-party solution that prove a perfect method for “how do I split a large PST file”. The application is easy to run and access and equipped with user-friendly interface so that any novice and professional users can operate the software steps to split a large PST file. Moreover, the tool includes number of split options that can be used to split PST file as per need i.e. it offers Split PST file by Year, Date, Size, Folder and Email Address option to break up Outlook PST file into multiple parts accordingly. Download the free PST Split Tool edition and follow the steps and check the process on your own:

Step 1. Download, install and open PST Split Tool.

Step 2. Choose desired split option to split PST file as per Date, Year, Size, Folder and Email Address. Once selected, click Next.

launch software

Step 3. Click Select PST File button to add oversized PST file for split process. Simultaneously apply sub-options accordingly for desired process. Simultaneously, click on Browse and choose system destination path to save resultant file and hit Next.

add pst file

Step 4. Now, the another software window will show PST Splitting summary such as Source PST, Current PST, PST File Size, Destination Path, Split Option and Selected Criteria. Once review the info, click on Split.

preview PST splitting summary

Step 5. Split process will shortly start showing splitting progress like Source PST file, Split Option, Current Folder, Total Items, Destination Path and Overall Progress.

software splitting large PST files

Step 6. After the process completes, a message will pop-up “Process Completed Successfully”.

pst split done

The steps are direct to execute and instantly split oversized PST file into multiple parts. To know more about the software entire process, use free demo version of the application that allows to split first 25 items of PST folder free of cost. With the help of freeware edition, one can analyse the process of “how to split large PST file into smaller parts”.