Directly Convert OLM Files to CSV Format with the Help of OLM to CSV Tool

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This blog post is going to explain the complete information about how to convert OLM files into CSV file format without any single error. Are you looking for the same information? If your answer is yes, then simply go to read out the complete article. In this post you can go through with some important points that are listed below:

Article Content

  • Definitions of OLM & CSV Formats
  • How to export OLM to CSV?
  • Various Reasons to Convert OLM to CSV File Format
  • Advance Benefits of Using OLM to CSV Tool
  • User Queries & Solutions about OLM to CSV
  • Free Download Edition

So, let’s start the discussion and keep your eyes on every line of this complete post carefully and perfectly…

OLM Format – The OLM is very popular file format for storing the mailbox database that includes all the essential items as like – email messages, address books, calendars, email folders, notes, journals, tasks, and many other items. The OLM files are supported by Mac Outlook 2011 or Mac Outlook 2016 applications. In the simple line, the OLM file generates by Mac Outlook to save the email database.

CSV Format – A CSV is a common file format that stands for Comma Separated Value. This file can save tabular data which includes number or text in plain text. Recently, the CSV is one of the perfect and easiest file format for storing the contacts. There are so many email clients and cloud-supported email services that allow to import CSV contacts. Moreover, the CSV file can be accessed with MS Excel or Google Spreadsheet which we called a Spreadsheet program.

How to Export OLM Database to CSV File Format without Any Hassle?

Follow the step by step working guide to convert file from OLM to CSV format with all its details:

Step 1: Firstly, download & install OLM File Converter software on any Windows machine.

Step 2: Open the software and add OLM files which you want to convert into CSV format. To add your files, you can use Select File or Select Folder option and click on the Next button as shown below:

Step 3: A single click on the Next button will start the process of loading OLM folders into the next screen.

Step 4: Now, choose the folders or you can select all the folders for conversion and then, hit on the Next button.

Step 5: The software opens a saving options Window in which first you need to choose CSV option from the list of select saving options.

Step 6: After selecting the CSV, you need to add a location path for saving CSV output files by using the Browse button.

Step 7: Then, quickly go to press on the Next button which directly starts the live OLM to CSV conversion procedure by showing a green status.

Step 8: Finally, the OLM file to CSV conversion process is finish by displaying a successful message on a software screen i.e. Conversion Completed Successfully.

Various Reasons to Convert OLM to CSV File Format:

There can be so many personal and professional reasons to move OLM data to CSV format. Some of the basic reasons are discussed below:

  • CSV contact file is easy to access by any spreadsheet programs such as MS Excel, Google Spreadsheet, and so on. That’s why users want to save OLM to CSV format.
  • A CSV contact file can be accessed into different types of email services or email application as like- Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps, Mozilla Thunderbird, Yahoo Mail, etc.
  • Many users prefer CSV format because this file can store unlimited contacts with its complete information.
  • This file looks very simple and manageable that’s why it can be easy to access by technical users as well as non-technical users.

Advance Benefits of Using OLM to CSV Tool

  1. The OLM to CSV Tool is one of the topmost trusted and accurate solution which can directly save OLM email files to CSV format.
  2. It provides a facility to import and export bulk OLM emails to CSV format in a single go.
  3. This solution is highly capable to convert OLM emails into CSV file format along with attachments.
  4. The software includes a simpler graphical interface that can be easy to access by any technical and non-technical users.
  5. Users can use this application for performing selective OLM folder migration to CSV format at a time.
  6. The OLM to CSV program also perfectly retains all email properties in an exact manner like- To, CC, BCC, etc.
  7. Mac Outlook email client installation is not needed to perform the OLM to CSV conversion process.
  8. The software maintains a complete folder structure exactly even after completion of the process.
  9. By adding the destination path, the performer can save their CSV file at any location in the machine.
  10. The OLM to CSV program supports all Windows version such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.

User Queries & Solutions Related to OLM to CSV Conversion

Query 1. Can I use this program on the latest Windows 10?

Ans. Yes, anyone can run the software on any Windows OS platform like- 7, 8, 10, and all the others.

Query 2. Is this software support Mac Outlook 2011 files?

Ans. Yes, the OLM to CSV Tool supports all Mac Outlook editions database for conversion.

Query 3. Can I convert my 50,000+ OLM files into CSV without waste any time?

Ans. Yes, use the batch facility of this program by which anyone can move unlimited OLM data files to CSV format at once round.

Query 4. How can I trust this utility?

Ans. You can use free copy and convert the first 25 OLM files into CSV file format without any charges.

Query 5.  Where I can get mu output CSV files after the process?

Ans. During the process, the tool asks you to add the location path for saving CSV files. So, you can search your files at the location selected in the process.

FREE Download Edition

Make use of Free OLM to CSV Tool download edition by which you can test the complete program without any purchase. The free download edition will help out to convert your first 25 OLM folder to CSV format at free of charges. After using free download edition, anyone can directly go to purchase the license key of OLM to CSV which supports large database conversion without any problem. Also, if you need to convert OLM data into PST or Office 365 account directly so you can click on the link given below: