Got “Error Has Been Detected in .ost File” Message? Resolve It Now!

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OST files are known as Offline Storage Table, which gets created when users access their Exchange mailbox with MS Outlook. These Offline OST files enables users to work offline locally and then synchronize the modified data with actual mailbox on Exchange Server, when connected again. Though OST files are associated with MS Exchange mailbox, they have their independent identity. This independency of OST files makes them so valuable and reliable ; because they allow users to carry on their work with mailbox data in offline mode, even when not connected with Exchange Server. And when connection with Exchange server is restored, then synchronize all the alterations done locally with actual user mailbox on the server.

Unfortunately, there are many situations when OST files starts showing some errors and fail to work appropriately. Corruption in OST files also hinders their performance. Almost all users dealing with OST files must have seen certain messages showing “Error has been detected in .ost file” or “Errors have been detected in the OST file”, depending upon the number of errors the OST file is suffering with. Are you are also one such user and want a solution to resolve such errors? Then read this article that will describe various OST Recovery methods to fix these errors and help them continue working with OST files.

Why Outlook Shows Error Has Been Detected in .ost File?

While opening MS Outlook, we often come across the following error :

Now, Let us know the reasons for occurrence of such errors :

  • Outlook terminated unexpectedly during synchronization between Outlook and Exchange
  • Abrupt System closure while Exchange and Outlook synchronization is still in process
  • Corruption in File System
  • Virus intrusion in OST file

Various Methods to Fix Errors Have Been Detected in the OST File?

There are various methods using which you can repair and recover OST file. A few of them are discussed below :

Method 1 :  Restore Backup

Restoring backup is the best method to get back healthy OST files. But, this method will work only when you keep frequent backup of your OST file. If not done so, then there are chances that you lose some important data and hence minimizes the prospects of restoring OST files.

Method 2 : Utilize Inbox Repair Tool to Fix OST Corruption

MS Outlook provides built-in Inbox Repair Tool (ScanOST.exe) that is capable of fixing minor corruption in OST files and creating a .bak file of the recovered OST file.

But, as said above, this tool fixes only minor corruption issues and will fail to recover highly corrupted OST file. Also, the newer editions of Outlook (2016, 2013 and 2010) makes it difficult to access ScanOST.exe file (it is almost invisible) and hence there is no option to repair OST files in these editions of Outlook.

Method 3 : Recreate OST file

By clearing OST files one can also remove their associated corruption issues. Follow these steps to clear and recreate OST files :

  • First find OST file location on your local machine
  • Right-click the folder containing OST file >> Properties
  • From the dialog box that opens, choose  Clear Offline Items option and click OK
  • Now, start MS Outlook
  • Click on Send/Receive tab and click on Update Folder.

After that delete OST file. Now the next time when Outlook will synchronize with Exchange, a new OST file will be automatically created, with all Exchange mailbox data automatically getting downloaded into it.

Method 4 : Create New Outlook User Profile

Many times, the OST files gets corrupted due to corrupt default Outlook profile. So, to avoid this situation, its better to create a new Outlook profile. You can follow these steps to create a new one :

  • First, you have to delete the current Outlook user profile
  • Now, create a New Profile and set it as default

If all the above methods fail to resolve “Error has been detected in .ost file” issues, then using a professional third party utility is the most viable option.

OST Recovery Tool – Expert’s Choice

In case the above mentioned methods fail to work, then it is recommended to use professional OST Recovery Tool that provides expert solution to fix OST errors and repairs them precisely. The utility also supports to convert recovered OST to PST, PDF, MBOX, EML and other file formats, to enable users to easily access recovered OST file in MS Outlook and other applications.


Corruption in OST files is inevitable, so it is always recommended to keep periodic backups of your OST files. However, if you are struggling with your corrupt OST files, then you can choose any method, as discussed in this blog. However, if you want a complete professional solution, then go for automated tool that will fix your “Error has been detected in .ost file” issue. Moreover, you can also try it using its FREE demo version that recovers complete OST data, but allows to convert only first 25 items/folder to any supported output option, as free trial.