END User License Agreement

IMPORTANT : Read the following License agreement carefully before installing and/or using Tool2Export Products, whether DEMO or licensed tools.

Terms and Conditions

The END User License Agreement is a legal agreement done between the two parties – Tools2Export and clients. By installing/ using the tools, you agree to accept these terms and conditions. In case of non-compliance of this agreement, clients may become ineligible for any future correspondence and no further technical support shall be grant thereof.

All the products available @Tools2Export are PAID and sold via online shareware market. It is highly recommended to first try the software using its DEMO edition, which is the FREE version of the licensed product and can be downloaded from our official website http://www.tools2export.com. The Demo edition will have limited functionality and shall be available for 30 days after installation process is finished. For further usage of the product, the client will have to register for the licensed copy of the software.


  • "Registered Software" is the licensed product sold by Tools2Export
  • "Unregistered Software" is the FREE evaluation copy of software having no registration code or details.
  • "Registered Users" are the users who purchased the licensed edition of the software.
  • "Registration Details" includes a registered name, email ID, license number of the purchased software, provided by Tools2Export.

License Terms

This Agreement permits users to :

  • Use the Evaluation copy of the software on any number of machines.
  • The software is eligible to be freely distributed in bulletin boards, online services and other electronic media, till they are distributed in its entirety and no part has been modified/altered thereof. All the notices, user registration keys must not be distributed in any case. Distribution of software on any physical media for financial purpose, is completely prohibited.
  • The registered users are granted a non-transferrable, non-exclusive license copy of the software, to be used on individually on one or more machines. Registered user has to ensure that the number of users doesn't exceed the number of granted license copies.

The registered users are not authorized to :

  • Copy, modify, edit, compile the software except otherewise mentioned in the agreement
  • Rent, lease, re-sell the software as part or in full
  • Transfer, provide software to any third party, in part or in full
  • Disclose/transfer software registration details to any third party without getting authorization from Tools2Export.

Warranty Limitations

The products and all related information appearing here "As Is". NO other warranty, whether implied or expressed, is supported by Tools2 Export. We are not liable for any loss or damage of data or loss of profits etc. whilst using/misusing the software applications.