Export PST Emails to MBOX Format

Are you an Outlook user and want to extract messages from Outlook .pst file to MBOX format so that you can easily access them in any email client that supports MBOX format like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Opera Mail, Evolution, Spicebird, Netscape, Postbox and many more.

Reasons for Converting data from PST to MBOX

Reasons for moving PST files to MBOX vary from user to user, but the most common among them are as follows :

Change in job environment

When users shifts their job, they need to work in accordance with the new office environment. It requires them to change their previous email client (Outlook) with the new one too (Thunderbird, Apple Mail, The Bat! Etc.). But during the process, they don't need to lose their important emails that they have within their previous email client. So they want all their previous email data in current email client and thus need to export PST as MBOX.

Shifting from Windows Platform to Mac Platform

When users decides to change their operating system, they'll need to transfer all the data from machine to the another. And this includes emails too. Taking a backup will only save the emails on the new system, but to view them, they need to be converted into a file format that is compatible with the new machine's email client. So, to view and open Outlook's emails (.pst) in Apple Mail, they are required to be converted into MBOX format.

PST Files are more susceptible to Corruption

Once a PST file reaches its maximum data storage limit, it becomes more likely to be corrupted and may create problems while users try to view it in Outlook. So, users look for alternate ways to view their emails in some other application (by converting PST files to MBOX), where there is no such problem.

Remote Access to PST Files is Not possible

Once an Outlook email is saved or archived into a PST file, it becomes impossible to remotely access it on any other application like Outlook Web Applications, smartphones etc. which automatically synchronize with your account. Reason being non availability of PST file on server as it will be saved on your local machine.

Import PST File to MBOX with Third Party Application

Now that you have decided to export PST as MBOX, the second step is to search for a conversion tool that will help you with the entire process. The selected software must conform to a few quality standards to make it an ideal choice. First of all its GUI must be simple and easy to understand, secondly it must be a time efficient tool that will save users' valuable time and most importantly, it must keep all the data in accurate form without destroying even a single bit of it.

PST to MBOX Export Tool is such a utility that is developed with the sole intention of helping users export PST emails to MBOX. One of the finest tools, it help users in converting PST file to MBOX with all the accurate email headers (to, cc, bcc, subject etc.) and formatting (RTF, HTML). Powered with batch feature, users can now convert their unlimited emails from multiple PST files to MBOX format. And above all, its GUI is very simple, which allows even non-technical users to easily use it and export Outlook mailbox to MBOX, without any technical support.

Export Outlook Mailbox to MBOX supported Email Apps

Once you know how to export Outlook emails to MBOX, you can easily access Outlook emails in any and all MBOX supported email applications (no matter on which platform they are running). You can successfully use the software to :

Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop based email application, supported well by both Windows and Mac operating systems. Once the software convert a PST to MBOX, you can import it in Thunderbird by following these simple steps :

For importing MBOX files in Thunderbird, first you have to install "ImportExportTools" addon in Thunderbird. You can easily download the Addon from the following Download Button :

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure

  • Now, open Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Click on "Tools" Menu >> "ImportExportTools" option. Click "Import MBOX File" Option

  • In the next window, a list of options will appear. Select the appropriate option to import MBOX files and click "OK" button.

  • Browse for the location where you have saved the Outlook files (Now in MBOX format) and click "Open" button.

  • Finally, all your Outlook emails are imported in Thunderbird as shown below :

Apple Mail is the default email client of Mac Operating system. Although PST to MBOX Exporter is a Windows based application, but you can easily open PST file in Apple Mail by just having them in MBOX format. Want to know how? Follow these easy steps :

Before starting, first copy all the MBOX files into Mac machine using any external flash drive or hard drive. Now follow these steps :

  • Open Apple Mail
  • Click "File" >> "Import Mailboxes"

  • Select "Files in MBOX format" option and follow with pressing "Continue" button

  • Select MBOX files from the saved location and click "Choose" button

  • The process to import MBOX files in Apple Mail will start.

  • Once finished, an alert message will appear. Click on "Done" to finish the process.


  • The imported mailbox will appear in Import Folder, having the same name as the name of the source MBOX file.


Now you can access, view, read Outlook emails in Apple Mail by just clicking on the imported folder.

Entourage is a Personal Information Manager, designed for Mac systems, by Microsoft. It includes emails, contacts, notes, tasks and many other options to help users manage their Office functions in single application. To import PST files in Entourage, follow these steps :

First, save all the Outlook emails (now in MBOX) to the Mac system, using a pen drive or any other storage device. By just using Drag and Drop option, you can easily import MBOX files in Entourage, as shown below :

  • Open Entourage
  • "Drag and Drop MBOX" files into Entourage Inbox (in Entourage Folder List)

  • Click on the "triangle" appearing on the left side of the Inbox and all the imported MBOX files will be displayed in Entourage email client.

Evolution is the most popular mail client cum Personal Information Manager (mainly for Linux) that is empowered with numerous features like emailing, calendar, tasks, memos, appointments, signature management, filters, encryption, developer platform, Palm device support, LDAP support and many more.

To import MBOX file in Evolution, first copy all the files into machine using any external storage device, then follow these steps:

  • Open Evolution
  • Go to File Menu >> Import. In the next dialog box "Evolution Import Assistant", click on Forward button

  • Click "Import a Single File" option

  • Click on Folder icon to select the MBOX file from its saved location.

  • In the next window select the MBOX file that you want to import and click "Open" button

  • Once you have selected the desired MBOX file, you will see that the "Forward" button becomes highlighted, click on it.

  • Click on "Forward" button to import the selected MBOX file in Inbox folder, its default location.

  • Note: If you wish you can also change the desitnation location. For that click on Inbox. Here, you'll see a list of the all the folders in a new Window. You can also save the MBOX files in a new folder, by creating a new one. After selecting the desired destination location, Click "OK" and finally Forward button.

  • Now click on "Import" button to begin the importing process. You can also see the progress status, as shown below:

  • Once the importing process is finished, you can view the imported Outlook emails in Evolution.

Export Outlook Mailbox to MBOX with Added Benefits

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