Import Outlook Contacts to vCard (.vcf) File

I have been a huge Outlook fan and using it for the last 15 years. (The current edition that I am using now is Outlook 2016). My problem is that I have a long list of PST files which contains all my important contacts, which now I want in vCard format. I don't want to import these PST files in Outlook and then save each contact as VCF file, as it would be very time consuming for me. Can someone please suggest some easy solution for me using which I could convert multiple Outlook contacts from PST file to vCard in bulk?

vCard is an electronic business card that can contain a contact's complete information like name, address, multiple email IDs, photographs, job profile, URL, company logos, audio clips, videos and many more. It is a universal standard format for saving a contact's information in digital format and is recognized by almost all email clients, smartphones, iPhone, iPad and other digital devices. Though commonly attached into emails, vCards can now be exchanged via texts or instant messaging too. The standard MIME type for a vCard is : text/vcard.

vCard Properties :

A vCard consists of the following crucial properties, without which it has no meaning and importance:

BEGIN:VCARD – All vCards must start with this property

VERSION: – This property defines the version of the vCard (2.1, 3.1 or 4.0) and must come immediately after BEGIN property (except 2.1 version, where it can come anywhere).

END:VCARD – This property marks the end of a vCard and must come in the end of the vCard.

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vCard Features

MS Outlook

Outlook is a Personal Information Manager that saves all its data in .pst format. A single PST file consists of all the emails, contacts, journals, calendar information, tasks and other details. You can't access contacts from a PST file, though you can extract them from Outlook. Using the following methods, you can manually extract contacts from Outlook :

  • Open MS Outlook
  • Select a contact >> Right Click and select "Forward Contact" >> "As a Business Card"

  • The contact will get attached to new mail, with the extension .vcf.

  • Drag and drop it to save at your desired location.

Note : Repeat the process for every contact that you have in your Outlook user profile.

  • Open Outlook
  • Select all the contacts using "Ctrl+A"
  • Right Click and select "Forward" option

  • All the contacts will get attached in a new mail

  • Select all the contacts, drag and drop them at your desired location.

Important Note : the contacts will be saved as Outlook contacts and will have the extension .msg and not .vcf (actual format of business card).

Why Manual Technique is NOT the Right Choice?

  • Direct Extraction from PST files is not possible. Users first need to import PST file into Outlook and then follow the manual method for extracting contacts from PST file.
  • Time consuming process as extraction of multiple contacts into vCard is not possible.
  • There is a high risk of data loss or data corruption.

So, both these techniques fail to serve users' purpose of exporting Outlook contacts to .vcf format, though the first process somewhat succeeds, but can't be considered a viable option when the contacts list is countless in numbers.

Now the question that arises is how to convert multiple outlook contacts to vcf / vCard format?

PST to vCard for Exporting Contacts from Outlook to VCF Files

Since manual method is not suitable for extracting contacts of multiple user profiles, users are advised to use third party tool, the most preferred choice to export Microsoft Outlook contacts to VCF files. PST to VCF Converter is one of the handy solutions that helps users in converting multiple Outlook contacts to vCard files, with complete accuracy. The software is of independent nature and doesn't need Outlook installation for executing extraction of Address book entries from Outlook into vCard file format. A powerful application providing instant solution, now uses can convert their unlimited contacts saved in multiple PST files in VCF format, as batch process.

Prominent Features of Outlook to vCard Migration Tool

  • Supports to extract contacts from PST file and doesn't require Outlook installation.
  • Easy solution for exporting multiple contacts to vCard file
  • Supports both (ANSI and Unicode PST) files
  • Export Microsoft Outlook contacts to VCF from all Outlook editions
  • Supports all Windows (32 and 64bit) editions

How to Import Outlook Contacts (VCF Files) to Mac

To import VCF files into Mac systems, first save them into Mac machine via any external storage drive like flash drive, hard disk drive etc.

  • Select all the contacts and double click them.
  • Drag them to the sidebar or the list of the contacts, appearing in the contacts window
  • Under contacts, Click "File" >> Select "Import" and finally select the vCard files.
  • Open Entourage
  • Click on the Address Book button appearing on the left panel
  • Select all the VCF files and Drag-n-drop them into the upper right panel of Entourage window.
  • Open Outlook 2011 and click on contacts
  • Click on the center panel of Outlook Window.
  • Select all your vCard contacts, drag-n-drop them into Outlook's center panel of Outlook Window

Download PST to VCF Converter FREE to TRY Edition

For users who want to know how to convert outlook contacts to VCF, free software download edition is made available for them, which provides quick guide for them to know how to convert Outlook Contacts to vCard format. They can use it freely and can convert first 25 contacts from each PST file to vCard file that is enough to judge the working capabilities of any software. For more conversion, licensed edition of the software can be purchased.

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