What is SmarterMail

SmarterMail is a Windows mail server that is developed by SmarterTools. It’s a feature-rich server that offers enterprise-level serviceability and better association with businesses and hosting environments. It’s a powerful server that works as a complete mail server system that performs multiple roles from a single server.

SmarterMail is a Collaboration Server that is suitable for all business sizes. It is Best Used for Email Accounts Management, Contacts Management, Calendar Management and WebmailWhether you are a Proprietor or owner of a large corporation, SmarterMail suits all your business needs and includes the following features :

Features of SmarterMail

What are SmarterMail Components ?

SmarterMail consists of three major components : Web Interface, Windows Service and SmarterMail Web Server. All these work together within the SmarterMail app.

Web Interface

The SmarterMail web interface can be utilized by both domain admins and system admins for managing entire functions of complete mail server and single domains and user accounts as well. Additionally, it enables end users to access their mailboxes, contacts, calendars etc. via any Web browser. In addition of using web interface, users can also access their SmarterMail services using Desktop applications like MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc.

SmarterMail also delivers mobile interface that is specifically designed for smartphones and allows users to easily access their emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes etc. irrespective of their location and internet connection speed.

Windows Service

The SmarterMail service runs as a Windows Service and is the spinal support of SmarterMail. Its functioning will hamper without Windows service installation and running. Smartermail Service controls all the administrative functions, protocol services, data storage and data retrieval.

SmarterMail Web Server

The SmarterMail web server automatically gets installed during standard installation process. The web server permits administrators and users to access SmarterMail web interface via internet by using IP address assigned to local system.

SmarterMail License Editions

SmarterMail is available in two license editions – Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition

SmarterMail Professional Version has a list of all features that are required to host a fully-functional email server. Its Enterprise edition provides additional features that includes : auto-discovery, Failover functionality, LDAP support, active directory authentication, two-way synchronizing with MS Outlook, prioritizing and throttling messages, archiving email and chat messages etc.

Additionally, with Enterprise edition, users also get the ability to buy and integrate any or all licensed add-ons, as given below :

Note : SmarterMail Free demo edition is just similar to the Application’s Enterprise edition, but is limited to only one domain and upto 10 users.


Now that you detailed information about SmarterMail, still there are many situations when users need to migrate from SmarterMail to Outlook, Office 365, Exchange Server and many more. If you are also one such user and want a solution for the same then you can download SmarterMail Migration Tool that provides easy and quick migration solution from SmarterMail webmail to any required option.

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