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You become liable to accept and agree all terms and conditions, the moment you access toolstoexport.com for information or downloading the products. All the information, content, data and copyright available here belongs to Tools2Export. Any discrpencies, if found shall the treated as violation of Copyright law, which will lead to further legal action.


Read the following terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with purchasing :

  • Any content or information displayed on the site cannot be used without authorization. The same holds true for Copyright of the company too, which you can’t The software downloaded via internet may be prone to virus attacks. You must ensure that your machines are equipped with anti-virus software to tackle these issues.
  • All the logos,  images, screenshots, videos etc. displayed here are original and belong to us. Nobody is authorized to copy, edit, modify or distribute tehm in any form. Doing so will lead to furhter legal action.
  • A proper authorization is required for reproducing the website’s content, images, videos and company’s copyright information, and trademarks.

Terms and Conditions list :

  • The moment you access our site, you become liable to follow and accept our terms and conditions, violating which will be treated as a criminal act and will call for legal action.
  • Unauthorized reproduction of our sites data, whether software, content, images, logo etc. is strictly prohibited.
  • You are not permitted to share or distribute website and software details
  • A prior authorization is mandatory for using company's logo, brand name, images etc.
  • Trademark : Tools2Export is the trademark of ToolstoExport, which can only be used with proper permission. Using it without authorization will be deemed as violation of company's law and will be treated as a criminal act, resulting in legal action. A written permission is required prior to using company information.

Changes in Company Terms


We hold the right to change, alter or modify the terms and conditions at any time, without notice. Users need to keep themselves updated about these changes by visiting the company's official website from time to time.