Thunderbird Migration Tool

Export Thunderbird Data File to Multiple File Formats & Cloud Applications

  • Perform Thunderbird data migration with all emails, contacts & calendars
  • Export Thunderbird mailbox to PST, MBOX, MSG, EML, and PDF File Formats
  • Migrate Thunderbird account database to Office 365, Exchange Server, G Suite, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail
  • Supports to move all types of files from Thunderbird including – MBOX, SBD & EML files.
  • Allows migrating Thunderbird data from Default configured Thunderbird profiles.
  • Capable to move Orphan Thunderbird profiles and emails
  • Quickly perform Thunderbird email migration in batch using Folder Mode.
  • Efficiency to save Thunderbird mail folder including meta-headers, time-stamp, and attachments
  • Advance Filter options provided for – Date, To, From, CC, BCC, and Subject.
  • Preserves Original Folder Structure of Thunderbird mailbox throughout Thunderbird data migration process
  • Allow users to transfer all identities from Thunderbird data profiles
  • Able to auto-locate configured Thunderbird profile mailboxes
  • No data loss during the Thunderbird email migration process.
  • Thunderbird configuration is Not Important in case of moving orphan Thunderbird files

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Features of Thunderbird Migration Tool

Grab all Beneficial and Advance Features of Thunderbird Export Tool

Migrate Thunderbird Email to Multiple Options

Thunderbird Migration Tool is a well-designed Thunderbird Export utility that provides multiple options for migrating Thunderbird data. A user can export Thunderbird database to Outlook PST, PDF, MSG, EML, MBOX, Gmail, G Suite, Office 365,, Exchange Server and Yahoo Mail account without any difficulty.

Batch Export Thunderbird Emails at once

The Thunderbird Migrator software has the efficiency to perform batch Thunderbird email migration in a single process. To use the batch migration option, use Folder mode option that allows you to choose a folder having bulk Thunderbird data files or profiles for Thunderbird backup data to different output option.

Migrate Thunderbird Email with Attachments

Thunderbird Migration Tool is well-capable to export Thunderbird files with all email elements that contains email attachments too. Throughout the Thunderbird data migration process, the tool moves all the email elements such as to, cc, bcc, subject, time, etc. in an accurate way without any alteration.

Move Data from Thunderbird SBD Folders

Thunderbird Export Utility is an amazing solution that is well-proficient to save Thunderbird emails from Thunderbird SBD folders too. One can choose Thunderbird SBD folder while selecting profile and can move Thunderbird data files correctly and flawlessly without any type of issue.

Save Thunderbird Data with All Identities

By using the Thunderbird Migration Tool, a user can also export all identities from the selected Thunderbird profile. Every user can achieve migration of single or multiple identities from Thunderbird profile by just selecting or deselecting the identities from the tree structure of the tool.

Keep Thunderbird Folders Structure Intact

Thunderbird Migrator software has efficiency to maintain all the Thunderbird folder structure in an accurate way during the Thunderbird export data process. This Thunderbird Email Migration software has been designed with great algorithms, which keeps maintain the whole integrity of Thunderbird data folders correctly.

Advance Filters for Specified Data Migration

With the help of the Thunderbird Migration Tool, you can also perform the specified Thunderbird data migration by applying advance filter options. The Thunderbird Export Utility provides multiple filters such as – Date, to, from, cc, bcc, and subject. By applying filters these fields, users can get the opportunity to export Thunderbird mailboxes as per the choice.

Preview Thunderbird Emails before Migration

Thunderbird Migrator software offers its users to preview all the added emails of Thunderbird profile before migrating them into another file format or cloud application. In preview mode, a user can view every information of an email message such as – email header, email body, email folder, etc..

Thunderbird installation is not necessary

While Thunderbird moving data to another email format or webmail application, the Thunderbird Migration Tool is an independent application that does not need the configuration of Mozilla Thunderbird in the PC or Laptops. Therefore, the software can also work even when Thunderbird is not installed in your system.

Auto-Locate Default Thunderbird Profile

Many times, correct location of the Thunderbird profile mailboxes is not known by the users. Therefore, in this case, Thunderbird Export Utility auto-locates the Thunderbird mailboxes and will load the mailboxes for migration automatically.

Multiple Naming Options Available

With the help of this Thunderbird Migration Tool, users are also provided with different file naming options to be selected from. They can save the exported files accordingly to the pre-defined patterns like – Subject + Date, From + Subject + Date, Subject + From + Date and many more.

Compatible for Windows OS Platforms

The Thunderbird Migrator application is well-suitable with all 32bit and 64bit Windows Operating Systems. Users can simply achieve the whole task of Thunderbird email migration of any Windows OS platform such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

Thunderbird Migration Tool Screenshots

Have a look at the following screenshots that will help you understand step by step working procedure of the software

Specifications of Thunderbird Migration Tool

Thunderbird Data Migration to Common File Formats and Webmail Applications

Software Name: Thunderbird Migration Tool
Free Download:

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Buy Now 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee*

Version: 1.0
Processor: Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor
RAM: Minimum 512 MB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 18.8 MB
Operating System: Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, etc.
Demo Version: Grab Free Thunderbird Migrator as DEMO edition, which allows you to test the software fucntionality by migrating 20 emails from each Thunderbird file to required output option.
Installation & Un-installation for Windows: Guide Install/Uninstall EULA

Frequently Asked Questions

Users' Common Queries for Thunderbird Migration Tool

The Thunderbird Migration Tool can easily export Thunderbird files into a various file format like Outlook PST, MBOX, MSG, EML, and PDF file formats along with all attached items of Thunderbird files.

Yes, you can follow the same steps of the Thunderbird Migration software to process all your Thunderbird SBD files into PDF file format without any change in the elements and folder structure of files. You just need to select the PDF file format from the Select Output section.

This software is advanced and independent utility, which means you need not to install any other application including Mozilla Thunderbird app to operate this tool. You are required to select Thunderbird files that are saved on your computer system.

Yes, the Thunderbird Migrator has the ability to perform this migration process with a bulk Thunderbird database by following a single time procedure. You can easily transfer Thunderbird data into various file formats and cloud apps with n number of Thunderbird files.

You can try the Free Thunderbird Migrator software with its demo edition which is completely free and it can show you the process to move Thunderbird data folder. This edition of the software allows you to save Thunderbird data with 20 Thunderbird items.

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