How Extract TGZ File from Zimbra

Learn Step-by-Step Procedure for extracting Zimbra User Account Database in TGZ File

Zimbra Desktop is a free desktop based email client program. The application supports to configure and manage multiple user accounts, with each account containing thier respective emails, calendar, contacts, notes, briefcase etc., all stored at one place. Despite having all these features, Zimbra is unable to hold users' interest and is losing its makert value. One of the major reasons for users' shifting interest from Zimbra is its slow synchronization with the server and slow responsive rate.

Due the the above mentioned reasosn, may users are looking for alternate solutions of Zimbra and moving their database to some other email clients like Zimbra, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Cloud based Office 365 and more. But before converting Zimbra database to these email clients, they need to extract thier data from Zimbra in TGZ format. After that they can easily import this data into other applications by converting TGZ files to thier supported file formats.

Here is the complete guide for you to extract TGZ file from Zimbra Desktop. Follow these simple steps for extracting entire Zimbra account database into TGZ file.

Step-by-Step Guide to Extract TGZ File

The process to export TGZ files from Zimbra Desktop is a simple process, as explained below :

First login to your Zimbra account and click on Preferences Tab

Click on Import/Export option appearing on the left pane of the preferences tab

Under Export Section, click on Advance Settings and select the data types that you want to include in the TGZ file and click on Export button

In the new window that appears, select the desired option and click OK button

Choose the destination location where you want to save the TGZ file and finally click Save button