Zimbra TGZ Viewer - Free software to open TGZ files

Zimbra TGZ Viewer

Free Software to Open TGZ files without Zimbra Installation

  • Preview Zimbra users' mailbox data – emails, contacts, calendars, briefcase etc.
  • Easy to use app to read TGZ files
  • Directly previews TGZ files. No TGZ extraction required
  • Open TGZ files extracted from Zimbra Desktop/Server
  • Completely Free Zimbra Mail Viewer

* Download FREE Zimbra TGZ Viewer App to read TGZ files - Emails, Address Book, Calendar, Briefcase etc.


Zimbra Viewer is a completely FREE program to open TGZ files of Zimbra mail client. Following are the helpful features supported by the utility:

Completely Free Utility

Zimbra Viewer is absolutely FREE software to open TGZ files. Users can easily preview and explore their Zimbra TGZ files by just downloading and installing the software in their system. Since it's a free tool, thus, no need to purchase it. Just download it and preview as many TGZ files as you want.

Preview Complete Zimbra Data

Using Zimbra Mailbox Viewer, users can get a preview of all the contents of the loaded TGZ files, which includes emails, address book, calendars, briefcase etc.

View Multiple TGZ files at once

The software lets users to add multiple TGZ files in bulk. Using its two options – Add Files and Add Folders, users can add TGZ files either by random selection or by selecting folder containing all the TGZ files.

Preview Data without TGZ extraction

The tool is designed with complete expertise and it directly add TGZ files for previewing. No TGZ extraction is required as the software displays the entire contents in exactly the same format as they were displayed in Zimbra.

Read TGZ Files without Zimbra Installation

There are many users who are looking for solution to open, read, view their TGZ files, but without Zimbra installation. If you are one of them, then this Zimbra TGZ Viewer is for you. The tool only needs TGZ files and it provides ideal platform to access TGZ files without installation of Zimbra client or Zimbra Collaboration Server.

Preserves Data Integrity

While previewing Zimbra TGZ mailbox items, the software maintains that each and every detail is displayed in accurate manner and noting get misplaced. Even the folder hierarchy is precisely maintained by the Free Zimbra TGZ Viewer.

Supports All Windows OS

Zimbra Viewer is a Windows (64bit and 32bit) supportive application and can be installed in all Windows OS – 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc.

Screenshots of Zimbra Mailbox Viewer

The following screenshots explain the step-by-step process to preview Zimbra TGZ files
Install Zimbra TGZ Viewer

Launch Zimbra TGZ Viewer on your Windows PC.

Add TGZ files

Load TGZ files/folders, using "Add files" or "Add Folder"

preview TGZ files

Preview your selected TGZ files data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download Zimbra Viewer Now

Download FREE Zimbra TGZ Viewer and get instant preview of your TGZ emails, contacts, calendars, briefcase data and other items absolutely free of cost.